What is Rosen Method Movement?

Rosen Method Movement encourages natural, free breathing and uses gentle stretching, swinging and exercises to improve body alignment and flexibility. During each class the joints of the body are moved through their full range of motion. Supported by music, this movement is done in a lively group setting. Some movements are done individually, others with partners or in a circle. The class allows people to release physical holding and in the process, to rediscover the joy of movement. For those with limitations the effect is often restorative. The class provides a spacious, joyful sense of one’s body at rest and in daily activity. This easy and pleasurable exercise provides a thorough method for maintaining fluid motion over the years.

Who Benefits?

  • People of all ages who want a joyful opportunity to move
  • People with muscle tension or reduced mobility
  • People who like to have fun while keeping fit
  • People who want more ease in the activities of daily life
  • Anyone who wants to prevent injuries through maintaining flexibility

What People say about Rosen Method Movement:

  • “After class I feel like every joint and muscle in my body has been moved without trying hard.”
  • “I rediscovered the dancer in me.”
  • “I like the group energy. I never have the willpower to exercise at home.”
  • “I was surprised how far I could jog after taking just a few clases. I wasn’t short of breath.”
  • “I come to class after work, and I always go home in a good mood.”
  • “I feel more open to new things after class.”

Rosen Method Movement Intensives are an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate one’s potential for movement, and to learn to teach this method to others. Each day will begin with an hour-long movement class followed by discussion and an opportunity to:

  • Learn the theory and principles of Rosen movement
  • Learn the aspects of teaching a Rosen Movement class
  • Share feelings that might surface through free and playful movement
  • Learn to observe movement in each other (body reading)
  • Practice teaching
  • Discover how Rosen Movement and Bodywork complement and enhance each other.

Who takes a Movement Intensive? Everyone is welcome! This course gives a general overview of the principles of Rosen Method Movement. It is open to Rosen Method teachers, interns, dancers and other movement teachers. It is beneficial to anyone who wants to learn more about their own body. It is also for fitness instructors, dance teachers and people who wish to become a certified Rosen Method movement teacher.

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